The Essex Schools Broadband service are now able to offer SMS text messages to notify you of any issues or incidents which may impact your school?s broadband service.
The service is localised which means you will only get a text if there is an issue affecting your school and other schools in your area, where schools in areas unaffected will not be notified.
To sign up your school for this service, please complete this flyer:?SMS Text Messages.docx and send to
More information can be found in the Latest News update at:—Latest-News.aspx
At this time only one phone number can be provided for each school. If your school does not have a mobile phone that can be used or is in an area with poor mobile phone signal, then schools supported by A PC Support can use our mobile phone number to sign up for this service, and we will notify your school should we get alerted of any problems at your school.
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