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Technical support is the core offering from A PC Support, bringing affordable and reliable ICT support to primary, specialist and high schools. With this service your school receives regular weekly visits with the same experience and highly skilled technician at a fixed low hourly rate, supporting all types of network and standalone systems including both your curriculum and office administration systems.

All types of network and standalone systems are suppoted including office administration computers and Capita SIMS and FMS based systems. The list of curriculum network systems that can be supported include RM CC4, Schoolshare, Ranger, Ergo Free to Teach, CSE, standard vanilla systems and our own developed system.

By recognising that technology is moving faster than ever, schools now understand that just having an IT support technician who is able to solve problems when they occur isn?t enough. A proactive approach to Information Technology is now a must to make sure schools are aware of current and future technologies, with correct advice to enable a timely implementation.

This is achieved by working closely with your school whether your IT budget is big or small to make sure your funds are being fully utilised and that you are getting the maximum potential from your support and hardware to teach the latest computing curriculum.

Our main aim is to make sure that your school has a reliable working ICT system to teach the computing curriculum, where users are able to use all software and hardware, are able to use the internet and can print and save their work.

If your school already has a member of staff or teaching assistant who is currently looking after the schools computer network, we can help by working with them to help maintain the system with the more complex and technical aspects, or we can take over complete management of the system. This includes training staff on using software as well as maintenance tasks that are performed between our regular visits, including changing server backups and changing printer cartridges.

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Services offered include:

Telephone Support

Telephone Support

While most schools prefer to log issues by E-Mail and Ticket, telephone support is also available for emergency support and if the school has any questions or problems between visits. Our technicians are glad to leave their contact details with the school and for its staff to contact us.


Cloud Based Support Logging

As part of the service, your school is set up with an easy to use ticket support system, where staff can log their IT problems using a web based-form or using email. This allows your technician to be aware of any problems before they visit the school, and prepare for the upcoming visit and also allows us to communicate with your staff without interrupting lessons. This offers a much more effective solution than using paper log books.


Offline and Online Backup Checks

Both offline and online backups are configured to send us backup reports each day and we will notify you of any issues.


Server Hardware Checks

Regular scheduled routine checks are performed on network servers and computers, which allows us to quickly diagnose and fix problems before they happen. If we notice a problem we will inform you as soon as we notice it and take appropriate steps to fix the problem.

Software Repackaging

Software Repackaging

MSI packages for your software including older educational software can be packaged, as well as the newest releases for quick deployment to computers over the network.


VLEs (Virtual learning environments)

Support and advice is offered to help run your school?s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Additionally we can offer advice if you are looking to change your VLE to a different system such as DB Primary, Frog, My Learning Junior, itslearning or Fronter or any other web based learning systems such as 2Simple Purple Mash, Pearson KnowledgeBox, Espresso and Espresso Coding, SAM Learning and Mathletics.


Managed Service Solution

Remote Support is configured for a complete managed service solution for your network system which allows us to remotely gain access to the server or any computer on the system. The latest software and updates are installed out of hours and servers are rebooted at times when they are not being used.

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System Migration, New Network Installation, Consultation and Technical Support

If your school is currently planning on migrating your existing network system or installing a new network system, we can supply a complete new network system solution including software, server hardware and configuration.

Using Windows Server 2019 on the server and Windows 7 or Windows 10 on the machines, the system is configured so it locks down students from changing settings, but is less restrictive to staff and teachers.

This is customised completely to the schools needs and requirements. The result is a fast and reliable network system which does not need any specialist expensive support contracts, as well as costing a fraction of other education specific systems.

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Projector and PC Cleaning Services

Complete cleaning services are available as part of the service to your school to keep projectors and PCs clean and well maintained, monitors viewable from dirt and fingerprints, and keyboards free of dirt and germs. Dirty and dusty projector filters and CPU heatsinks can block air-flow, reducing the life of electrical items and causing overheating issues. To avoid disruption cleaning can also be completed during weekends and school holidays.


Complete New Network System Solution

We can supply a complete new network system solution including software, server hardware and configuration. Using Windows 2012 R2 on the server and Windows 7 or Windows 10 on the machines, we configure the system so it locks down students from changing settings, and is less restrictive to teachers. We also customise this completely to the schools needs and requirements. The result is a fast and reliable network system which does not need any expensive support contracts which most education specific network systems normally require, as well as costing a fraction of other education specific systems.


ICT Equipment Procurement

As well as supporting the ICT system, we also offer a one-stop solution supplying ICT equipment at competitive rates, including laser toner cartridges, visualisers, projector lamps, laptops and desktop PCs, as well as smaller essential items including replacement iPad charging cables and laptop power supplies.

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Network Cabling and Managed Wireless Systems.

We can supply and fit network switches, network cabling, and managed Ubiquiti Networks wireless systems.


Staff Training

The technicians are familiar with school curriculum software and systems and offer training and advise how to use the software to get the most benefit. We also help identify software and resources which are not being used and require further staff training and awareness.

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Chromebooks and Android Solutions

As an alternative to laptops some schools are moving to cloud-based Google Chromebooks which we can configure for use with G Suite for Education (previously known as Google Apps for Education). We can also supply android tablets which offer a large range of free apps on the Google apps store.

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Apple iPads

With an increase in demand for Apple iPads in schools we can supply quotes for individual units for staff or student use, and multiple units with charge trolleys and cases. We configure these with an online management system linked to Apple School Manager. We will also set up the device enrollment program (DEP) and volume purchase program (VPP) which allows paid apps to be purchased with a 50% discount when purchasing 20 or more licences. We also recommend software which allows the iPads screen to be shown on the main display in the classroom.

High Quality Support Service


Technician support services come with a high level of customer satisfaction.



The support service pricing is competitive and uncomplicated. The rate is the same for on site and remote support for visits completed during term time, school holidays, evenings and weekends.

The amount of time required to maintain your schools ICT varies depending on the amount and age of equipment, but most six class primary schools require 3 hours 30 minutes per week.

Service Level Agreement

A Service Level Agreement document is supplied which is used to confirm what services we provide and the way in which services are charged and billed. This is reviewed on a regular basis and updated as required.

Liability and CRB Checks

CRB Checks
We have Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by Essex County Council and other LEAs. All technicians are CRB checked with an enhanced disclosure.


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