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Remote Support Access

Remote access to your schools network systems is installed as part of the service. This allows out of hours system maintenance and problems to be quickly resolved between scheduled on-site visits. This is only charged for the time spent working on your schools ICT network. This allows the latest software and updates to be installed and servers rebooted at times when they are not being used.

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Download Software

Remote Support software can be run on any computer or server which has internet access by downloading and running the software below:

A PC Support Remote Support Software
(Virus scanned: Certified virus and malware-free)


  1. Download and run the above software.
  2. Please tell us the number displayed in Your ID.
  3. Once connected you will be able to observe us and what we are doing on your computer.
  4. If at any time you wish to terminate the remote support session, simply close the software or restart your computer.


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Contact us for a no-obligation ICT Consultancy when starting support at your school.

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Remote Support Solutions